Artaud’s Metamorphosis

by Jay Murphy

x + 292 pp
Published: December 2016
234 x 156 mm

£18.99; $25.00; €21.99
ISBN: 978-0-9571470-9-6


Despite being one of the most infl uential artists and
writers of the mid-20th Century, Antonin Artaud’s
voice remains inadequately deciphered. Artaud’s
Metamorphosis is the fi rst book on the transformation
from his ‘early’ to ‘late’ work, and it shows how the
‘fi nal’ Artaud leads straight into our digital present.
This Artaud will alter how you think of media, the
virtual, the political, and thought itself.

In praise of Artaud’s Metamorphosis

“Only after Jay Murphy’s beautifully crafted, thought-provoking, scholarly yet light fingered, account did I become aware of the crucial role the benighted Artaud plays in capitalism-and-schizophrenia. Murphy is a most wonderful guide to the madness that is our voyage through reality as a body without organs.”

Michael Taussig, Columbia University