Return to the Street

edited by Sophie Fuggle and Tom Henri

250 pp
Published: April 2015
234 x 156 mm
Strands book series

£18.99; $29.99; €25.99
ISBN: 978-0-9571470-5-8


What might a ‘return’ to the street look like? This is not a bright, new dawn. It is not the first steps out into the light following an environmental or technological apocalypse. This return concerns a renewed and heightened awareness of the vast social inequalities, violence and exclusion which continue to be perpetuated across the world.

Return to the Street brings together a series of approaches to the question of the street via a range of lenses, methodologies and objects of enquiry. Covering multiple sites and spaces these interventions demonstrate the primacy of the street as an object of ongoing analysis, critique and debate across a range of disciplines including architecture, urban geography, gender and race studies, sociology, political science, history, cultural and media studies.